Are you a company considering becoming a franchisee?

You want to enter the beauty sector but lack the expertise

hal+ brings proven expertise and a unique method to solve these and other problems.

The approaching method

Strategic Package

Detailed workflow manuals that
leave nothing to chance

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We provide detailed manuals and handbooks that draw on our expertise and experience. The program is designed to allow trainees to obtain and master demonstrable skills and excellent customer service that lead to repeat clients.

Short-term training

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Our proprietary workflow manuals and handbooks allow you to learn the techniques and customer attraction strategies which you need for success. This lets you conduct training more efficiently, reduce initial costs, and achieve the results you seek in a shorter timeframe.

Stable employment for working mothers

Obtain a stable source of profit

Franchise goals

We seek to provide a system where our firm, end-users, personnel, and owners all achieve the best outcome. By helping you hire more female personnel, our package not only leads to more profits, but also increases customer and employee satisfaction.

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Track record

  • Maintained a repeat customer rate of 80% since opening
  • Achieved 1,000 customers monthly within 2.5 years of opening, with no advertising budget
  • Partnered with medical clinics
  • Numerous eye stylists on staff who generate 1M JPY revenues monthly
  • As of 2019, we operate two direct points of sale and produce four other shops.
  • We also operate the hal+ Egao Nursery Schools in order to promote women's entry into the workforce.

Flow to Open

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  • 7.Store opening

Membership guidelines

Recruitment regions
All areas are eligible
Contract type
Franchise contract
Business type
Eyelash extension salon
Membership dues
Start from approx. 300,000 JPY/month
*May vary based on warranties and conditions

*Exact dues determined at the time of contract.
*Note that the above conditions may be subject to change.
*Personnel training costs are included in monthly member dues (training content varies by package and terms).


Salon Produce

We help clients looking to open their own eyelash extension salons by producing them under the hal+ brand.

Differs from a franchise

  • Compared to a franchise scheme, our system has lower fixed costs, making it more accessible even to sole proprietors.
  • The key premise behind the service is the use of our brand, but not a guarantee or indicator of expected profits.
  • Actual management of the store is left to the owner.

Differs from a franchise


Our business to support women

Our business to support women

the hal+ Egao Nursery Schools

Seeking to enable more women looking to actively join the workforce, we operate a nursery school division. Drawing on our insights from supporting women's careers, we are helping the industry.

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