Supporting women's beauty and life through eyelash extensions

hal+ operates eyelash extension salons in Fukuoka. We believe that eyelash extensions are not merely a tool for achieving greater beauty, but also a vehicle for helping women achieve their best through stable employment. In addition to operating salons, we manage schools and conduct beauty consulting, as well as develop new products and assist employees seeking to go independent with their own ventures. Seeking to help women raising children engage in the work they seek, we also operate nursery schools and other projects. Our goal is to create a society where all women are able to achieve their best through work. We endeavor to be a company that truly supports women's beauty and lifestyles.

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  • Eyelash Schooling

    Eyelash Schooling

    Learn salon management techniques firsthand

  • Product development

    Product development

    Developing an original line of eyelash extension products

  • Corporate consulting

    Corporate consulting

    Corporate consulting drawn from our expertise

  • Childcare business Egao Nursery School

    Childcare business
    Egao Nursery School

    Operating a range of business initiatives supporting women

  • Free kids' room spaces

    Free kids' room spaces

    Offering a workplace that lets women enjoy work while raising their children

  • Social contributions

    Social contributions

    hal+ pursues a range of activities, such as volunteering in disaster-stricken regions.


We actively develop attractive workplaces that allow women to engage in beauty-related work they love and maintain long-lasting and fulfilling careers. Given the growing issue of parents unable to send their children to school due to no availability, we launched free kids' spaces in our salons for those awaiting enrollment. This lets our staff enjoy their work while watching their children close at hand. We also have a wide range of leadership training programs and initiatives to help staff open their own shops, enabling women to go independent. Here you can achieve the work-life balance you truly seek.

On-The-Job Training system adopted

We help you achieve your dream of opening your own salon in the future. After studying at the hal+ Eyelash School, you will acquire the necessary skills in eyelash extensions by working at one of our salons. We employ an on-the-job training system that lets you "earn while you learn."

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eyelash school

We operate an Eyelash School where we train the best eye stylists. There, students learn not only the basis and core techniques used in eyelash extensions, but also knowledge needed as business managers. Our programs let you take your conviction and passion for the craft and make what you love into a viable career.

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 Product Development

We have developed and use at our shops a brand-new type of glue "Juicy", based on customer feedback. This glue offers excellent durability and is more hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin than traditional products.

 Product Development

Corporate consulting

Corporate consulting

Allowing more women to become independent
- This is my purpose of consulting -

Designing your own life
- This is my theme of consulting -

We also offer consulting for companies and individuals.We answer your various questions and concerns about operating your business and bring our expertise and knowledge to bear.

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